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Domain management.

In the digital world a domain registration must be done to protect the brand and digital identity of your company and in this way ensure that they are used correctly. Therefore, if you are opening a business or a company, or if you already have a company, whether it is a medium-sized company, a large company or even an enterprise that currently only has one employee, the security of your digital brand is very important and keep it protected must be in your sights from the first day. In Dharma Web Studio, we specialize in protecting your company's digital identity.

Administration of servers and web hosting.

When it comes to finding a provider for your web application's server architecture, you will not find such powerful solutions in the market as those offered by Amazon Web Services, however, this type of solutions require technical expertise to be configured and sized to your application. We offer hosting and web hosting solutions in shared servers, private virtual servers and dedicated servers, based on the Amazon Web Services architecture and optimized for Wordpress and OpenCart based applications.

Web design and development.

With more than 10 years of experience working in web design and development, we offer 360º web solutions, from the design of the corporate digital identity, administration and domain management, hosting solutions or web hosting, development of websites based on Wordpress, online stores based on OpenCart or applications and extensions to measure. We also offer services in digital marketing, SEO positioning and more. You just have to contact us and I'm sure we can help you move forward and successfully, that idea you have in mind.

Design and development of online stores

In our service design and development of an online store or e-commerce. We provide advice and service in the design of your online store and in the development of it, while managing solutions with everything that surrounds the business model and that can have a critical importance, such as logistics, information flows, presence in multi-channel sales channels, shipping gateways, payment methods, pricing strategy, campaign management, return policy, legal clause drafting, product photography, content management, translations, and more.

Web Positioning (SEO).

If your web application is based on Wordpress, WooCommerce or OpenCart, we offer a range of solutions to make your website get the best possible positioning for your audience and with this, reach your target audiences. A correct SEO strategy has to serve to attract more qualified visitors to your website by those terms or keywords that most represent your services and goals.

Personalized attention and customized development.

Our interventions are translated in the short, medium and long term into changes in the data that we can obtain in the analytics engines and statistics of your website. Our services in SEO always include the monitoring of the traffic of your site, of the behavior of the users and suppose for our clients our best letter of presentation and professionalism, when demonstrating that we obtain results that are translated in returns of the investment.


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