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Mailgun Email and Newsletter Protocol

Mailgun Email and Newsletter Protocol
Hello, I who laughed more information about, Mailgun Protocol for Marketing. Transactional Emails, For example, I buying this module, installing on my site, OpenCart, would be enough to send email, in large quantity, by my site, would have no more cost, for this submission, or would have to hire some service. Thank you. 
In order to use this extensión you will need to setup a "Mailgun" account. This transactional email service will let you send 10.000 emails for free by month. Over this quote you will have to pay. You can check the prices in their website.
Also, once you register in Mailgun, you will have to setup your MX domain records according with Mailgun`s instructions (is an easy process, but you will need access to administrate your DNS entries for your domain).
This extension requires that you have a Mailgun Account, and integrate the API of Mailgun with OpenCart, so you will be able to send emails using Mailgun`s API. If you exceed the quota established by mailgun you must pay to Mailgun by their service.
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Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to attract customers to your e-commerce, it does not entail a high cost and provides an optimum return on investment. That is why it has become one of the best sales channels for marketers. More than 20% of the turnover of some virtual stores is made through this channel.

Some Hosting providers do not allow you to use the SMTP or PHP Mail feature. Or even when they allow you to use them they have important restrictions on the number of emails you can send per hour. For these reasons you may not be able to take advantage of the Email Marketing tools that OpenCart has natively arranged. With this extension you can use your MailGun account as a mail forwarding gateway; And thus enhance the tools of MailMarketing that provides OpenCart natively; Along with the benefits of MailGun.

  • This mod allow you send emails using Mailgun API, instead using php native function, or SMTP protocol.
  • Power up OpenCart´s marketing tools sending email newsletter to your customer without having troubles with email server.
  • Track your emails with usefull insight provide by Mailgun.
  • Uses OCMOD for quick and easy installation with no core file modifications.
  • No files are overwriten.
  • Stats section provide by Mailgun API inside OpenCart Store. (Opened Emails per Campaign, Clicked Emails per Campaign and more...)

  • 30.00€
  • Ex Tax: 30.00€

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