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Our work process.

Our way of providing web development services is the result of years of experience.


Needs and Diagnosis.

All our developments start from knowing the needs of your business or organization, setting goals (more sales, presenting information, automating processes, etc.) and managing solutions that lead us to achieve them with short and medium term results.

Evaluation and Advice

We value your business or company in the same way that you do, therefore, once we know what your needs are, we do not rush, we conduct competitive studies, we think about your business and we try to know more about it in order to provide Assertive advice.

Conceptualization and Scope

The conceptualization and design of the product materializes in the dialogue of your needs and the studies we carry out in your market. In this way, we seek to optimally address each of your ideas and needs in a way in which we present innovative solutions.

Design and Development.

We develop the product as it was agreed with during the initial stages. With us there will be no surprises, what is promised and scheduled is the final product you will obtain. We will consult and request approval in the design phases, and also in the development of functionalities.

Deploy and Test.

Once the project is developed, it is time to deploy to the servers, keep in constant observation the design of any device or platform, check all the functions, check the behavior of the users, and adjust details if necessary.

SEO optimization.

They say that search engines and time put each site in its place but if you know something about SEO, you'll be a little higher. At this time it is convenient to review and adjust SEO details and promote actions to obtain a better positioning and visibility for the audience that interests us.

Evaluation of KPI`s and statistics

We keep under study the statistics of the websites and applications that we develop, that way we can study what is the behavior of the users and the general response to the products that we develop, then we direct actions based on this information.

Campaign Management.

We often intervene in the management of campaign budgets in the different Google Advertising networks, such as (Google Search or Google Display). In these cases we take care of budget management based on the achievement of objectives, design and development of banners, or video material, and the detailed monitoring of the campaign and its results.

Technical Support.

Continue to count on our support. We will remain attentive to your requirements through our contact channels such as email, phone or chat in order to help you manage your tools and get benefits from them. If you prefer, we can do it for you.

Readjusting new needs

We consider any development, more as a process than as a finished product. Once the goals defined in the first moment have been reached, it is always possible that new needs arise, such as advertising, improving functions, managing system users or others.