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SE Ranking, a SEO tool to control and improve the positioning of your website keywords

Posted by Dharma Web Studio 21/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

There are hundreds of services and applications dedicated to SEO, and the truth is that in Dharma Web Studio we have not used them all, but a good number of them, so I hope that with this article we can save you time and money, explaining what SEO tools we use in Dharma Web Studio and why we have decided to use these over others.

On this occasion, we will talk about SE Ranking, a software that allows us, among many things, to verify the status of the search keywords of interest for your company or domain.

We always want to be transparent about what we do in this blog, so before starting the summary of these tools we will tell you that the links in this entry correspond to the affiliation program of this tool, so if you hire any of these tools after clicking this link, we will earn a small commission for having promoted it, however we would never be willing to recommend a tool that we do not use ourselves, so our word before that this tool is a recommendation to this day, we we pay for this service and we are happy to use it and therefore we write this article. If on the way we can earn a commission to promote it, we have not found any reason to reject it or that it supposes a problem of ethics.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO tool of a homonymous company. It combines standard SEO tools along with special features that can not be found in any other SEO platform. Among its main characteristics to the date of this entry are the following functions:

Crawling keywords.

SE Ranking collects rankings, Google SERP features, map results and your ad positions reliably and accurately. It also allows you to track up to 5 of your competitors and obtain a complete and comparative report of the keywords they have positioned. You will be surprised by these functions.

Website audit.

SE Ranking offers website audits that allow obtaining information such as an overview of the domain, health status of each of the pages reporting 400 errors and 500 errors, redirections, resource load errors according to https / https protocol, analysis of content, link analysis, meta tag analysis, and more.

Monitoring of backlinks.

The backlinks are links in third-party websites that link to your website and are considered an important ingredient in the recipe to achieve a good SEO positioning. SE Ranking is in charge of maintaining a constant monitoring of the domains that link to your website, in order to determine if these links translate into a better positioning of your domain or instead, should be blocked because they produce a toxic behavior .

Keyword suggestion tool.

Researching keywords and positioning your domain through it is the path that will lead to success and meet the goals of your business or organization in terms of obtaining organic search traffic. SE Ranking has a complete keyword research tool, which will let you know which name is right for your products, information pages, categories, articles, etc. and in this way attract as many visitors as possible to your site .

Grouping of keywords

This feature seems really innovative among the different tools similar to SE Ranking. The service is responsible for grouping keywords according to the coincidence of these with the URLs. Then it compares the keywords in the same group, verifying the search volume and allows to establish which group of them contributes in a significant way to improve the positioning of the website in the search engines.

Monitor changes to the website

This feature allows you to receive modification alerts on the website that could lead to changes in positioning. Therefore it reports if there have been changes in the content of the pages, links, meta tags, headlines, etc. Very useful for SEO teams, who are not directly responsible for content management or site programming.

Do you want more?

Yes, SE Ranking has more to offer, you can enter its website and check all its features. Among them, in addition to those mentioned above, they have an API to make queries and obtain results outside of their tool. Also the possibility of having a control panel and white label reports, so that an agency can use this tool for the end customers, without losing their identity. Task management tools and marketing plans, ad competitors research


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