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We are specialize in web design and web development.

More than 10 years of experience working for small, medium and large companies.


Characteristics of our work in web design and development.

We focus on the small details to give you a great product.

Pre-agreed design.

With us you will have no surprises and no rigid design. We will present you design sketches, before implementing them in the programming. Do not get scared, pay for what you like.

Manager or content manager.

We leave it ready so you can add or modify content, with amazing ease you can update news, change images, load and edit products, or categories, etc. No need for technical knowledge or programming.

SEO Implementation.

We offer a solid SEO approach in all of our website designs and developments, so that the project has the best possible development. Proper tagging, image optimization tools, meta tagging, indexing through dynamic sitemaps on Google and more.

Responsive design.

We offer in all our designs and web page developments, the necessary optimization to be visible and to have an optimal behavior in laptops, desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

The best web hosting.

In our website designs and developments we include the first year of hosting on Amazon servers, the best you will find in the global market.

Domain reservation.

We offer in all our designs and website developments the first year of domain reservation free of charge in domains with tld .com, .org, .info, .net and .es.

Maximum quality.

We know all the libraries, extensions, and important and existing plugins in the market, and therefore, we offer in all our designs and web page developments the correct implementation of these, with licenses of author included, guaranteeing stability and scalability in the final result.

Adaptation to LOPD and RGPD.

All the projects we deploy are adapted to the new General Data Protection Regulations, and also to the Spain LOPD and supervised by a lawyer who is expert in this type of issues, so all our customers can rest easy about it.

Integration of social networks.

We link and integrate your social profiles so that your clients can find you using their preferred channel: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Accompaniment in the writing of texts.

Optimization of texts, to position yourself effectively before the competition and offer your products and services in a clear and attractive way.

Web statistics.

We integrate Google Analytics technology in all the websites we develop so you can know your traffic statistics, origin, etc.


We offer in all our designs and web page developments the training of the administrators so that they can update the contents of the website, without the need of technical knowledge.

Quality guaranteed.

We offer in all our designs and web page developments a guarantee for 6 months for any error in the layout or programming that may occur.

Personalized attention.

Attention to detail, personalized accompaniment, integration with other work teams and more.

What is a website or web page?
A website is a space on the Internet that is made up of a set of web pages that are accessible from the same domain or subdomain. On a website a company can place information about its services, contact channels, news, reservation systems, or anything to keep things going.
Why do I need to have a website for my company?
Have an escape of your products and services 24 hours, 365 days a year; It helps you to break any space and time barrier between your organization or company, and your target audience, it also means reducing operating costs and increasing the efficiency of customer registration, billing or transaction systems that are carried out among a long list of advantages. We believe that the question that every company or business should ask is why not have a virtual store?
What is a domain?
A domain is a unique and exclusive name; through which any user who uses a web browser; You can visit specific content. If we had to make an analogy; would be to say that a domain is somewhat similar to a phone number.
What is a server?
In short, a server is a physical computer that works continuously and responds to the domain name; to "serve" its content. This is how your virtual store or website can be available all the time, for anyone who wants to see it.
What is a hosting?
Hosting is usually called a space with certain technical characteristics, inside a physical computer that works continuously; and that it is rented on a shared server; where many other domains can be hosted; therefore the use of the processing, memory or any other resources of the server are usually shared by the different domains that are hosted on the same machine; giving rise to possible competition of resources and interdependence between them.
What is a virtual private server?
A virtual private server; Also known by its acronym in English as VPS (Virtual Private Server), it is a space with certain predefined technical characteristics within a physical computer that works continuously, but unlike hosting, its technical characteristics are guaranteed, reserved exclusively for the domain. or domains you are hosting. Thus; your processing, memory or any other resources; it does not allow resources to be consumed or there is competition; and therefore there is no interdependence between them.
What is the difference between a hosting and a virtual private server?
The main difference is that the virtual private server will have a better processing of the site as long as its resources are guaranteed, leading to faster website loads; and also a greater margin of control and security.
If I commission the design and development of a website in Dharma Web Studio, the domain reserved for my project, will it be in my name? How long will it be active?
Yes, at Dharma Web Studio we have solid knowledge and experience in domain administration. When you hire a virtual store development service, we include the cost of the domain for the first year, and we can take care of its registration and administration. Also in the user area of ​​our website, you can change its settings; or owner data.
How long is it advisable to buy a domain and how often does it have to be renewed?
The domain must be renewed once the period for which you have reserved has ended. The minimum purchase time for a domain is 1 year and the maximum is 10. The choice of one or the other with all its intermediate variables will depend, logically, on the type of project you are undertaking and its future projection. It is not the same to open a virtual store for a physical business with seniority, in which case we recommend the minimum reservation of 5 years, than to start a new virtual project for which a period of two years should be sufficient to see or not its viability. Subsequently, renewals may also be for periods between 1 year to 10 years.
What is an SSL Certificate?
At Dharma Web Studio we offer free SSL certificates for projects developed by us. In general, an SSL certificate allows to keep encrypted the communications that occur between the device that browses the website and the server that processes those requests and responses; so that data communication cannot be intercepted. Nowadays it is essential to have an SSL certificate; especially for e-commerce websites; where a lot of sensitive information circulates.
Do I have to pay every year or every month for the website?
Not necessarily. We deliver each website completed and being self-managing; what is known as a "turnkey project". We also offer and recommend hiring, maintenance plans and web positioning plans that can be considered as complementary services to the development of a website; especially if the company does not have technically qualified human resources to carry out positioning strategies, digital marketing or maintenance to applications. However, the latter are optional services.
Do I have to pay the domain every year?
Yes, it is necessary to renew the domain reservation at the end of the period for which it was reserved; Sometimes this is 1 year or it can be reserved for a maximum of 10 years.
Do I have to pay each year for the server or hosting?
Yes, the server or hosting costs will be billed each year.
Do I have the possibility of having email accounts with the name of my domain?
Yes; in all cases it is possible to request email accounts with your domain name.
How long can I have a website if I order it today?
Usually the development time of a website can vary from 30 to 45 days; or even extend beyond this time interval. It all depends on the rate at which progress is made in the requirements. In this case; At Dharma Web Studio we guide our clients through the entire work process; and we require responses and decisions from them throughout the process. The list of products, photographs, texts, descriptions, decisions about designs, etc.
What content should I contribute? Who provides the photos, videos and texts for the website?
For web pages, it is necessary for the client to provide texts and general descriptions of the company, texts of legal pages that are mandatory in the European Union, list of services with descriptions, general and specific photographs. Additionally, at Dharma Web Studio we have contracted image bank services; where we can extract other images and content.
Can the website be in multiple languages?
Yes, it is common for us to develop multi-language sites.
Have I heard or been told that I will need SEO to be able to sell. What is SEO?
SEO is usually called the set of techniques and procedures that are used to improve positioning and that the store is visible in the first results in search engines such as Google or Yahoo, in order to have more visibility and possibilities to sell. In general lines, all the virtual stores that we develop contemplate a basic SEO strategy at their base; with the possibility of configuring and filling in data that will be printed with a correct labeling. We also offer complementary SEO services, you can consult more information at the following link.
Can you assure me that my store and my products will be in the first place of the results in the search engines like Google or Yahoo? Can SEO Positioning be guaranteed?
For a new project, in a domain that does not have a pre-existing job, we cannot guarantee SEO positioning. No one can do it. We will also say that for new websites, it will take time, effort and additional work to develop the website, to achieve significant SEO results. On the other hand, in the case of domains that already have a previous history; We can guarantee the same or better results than what they currently have.
How should the payment be made?
If you want you can make your order directly through the web. We will be in charge of communicating as soon as possible to start the project; in that case the payment is made immediately and 100%; by debit or credit card, or by Paypal. Otherwise; You can also contact us, and depending on your location; We can offer you installment payments as we move forward in the development of the project; where the usual thing is that we charge 15% to start the project; 35% in the approval of the designs and finally 50% just before publishing the website.
How does it work, what are the steps in the work process to order a website?
The first thing we ask is that you give us a call and we can talk. Each business is unique, each merchant, entrepreneur or entrepreneur is also unique. So it is important that the first step is to talk to us. We want to listen to your needs and understand your company, before we can give you a proposal on how we can help you.
Can I see the design while it is being done?
Yes of course. At Dharma Web Studio we have a system to present designs as they are developed; and based on the reviews; We can make the modifications you consider.
I see that in the development plans; some include 1; 3 or 5 custom designs. What does it mean?
Predefined plans, which we offer for website development; indicate 1 - 3 - 5 designs in PSD; which means that according to the chosen plan; We will go on to design completely personalized 1 - 3 - 5 pages. Typically, based on any of these options it is possible to discern the necessary graphic guidelines that will make up the rest of the pages.
Do you use any platform or content manager to build the e-commerce site?
At Dharma Web Studio we are experts in Wordpress; and therefore this is always our first choice. Wordpress in this case works as a robust, solid, secure and efficient base to be the core of the application. We are also experts in OpenCart and WooCommerce when it comes to developing eCommerce sites. There are many reasons to use either of these two as the foundation of a website.
Will my new website be displayed correctly on mobile phones and tablets?
Yes of course. Today, about 60% of all searches carried out on Google come from mobile devices. The adaptation of the virtual store to these devices is, therefore, not advisable, but an obligation. With Dharma Web Studio you will have a versatile, visible and usable website from the first moment on any device.
How do I know that my website will meet my expectations? If I don't like it, how many changes can the designer make?
We are certain that your website will meet your expectations because we have 100% satisfied customers. Because our work does not end until your website is the one that we have helped you imagine and that best suits you and your business.
Will my website be the same or very similar to that of the other clients for whom they have developed sites?
Your store will not be the same as any other we have made. At Dharma Web Studio we never use cloning of other clients' work.
I already have a website and I want to change it, what is the process?
If you already have a website; and you want to renew it; Give us a call and we can discuss the details.
If I already have a web host. Can i use mine or should i use your server?
Of course. If you already have your own contracted accommodation and want to continue with it, we adapt to your server by carrying out the necessary configurations. you are not required to use ours. However, we will assess with you whether or not you are interested in assuming the cost of canceling your old hosting server and transferring your domain to our servers in exchange for the management, renewal and maintenance services that we offer you. We will also perform an assessment of the performance of your current server or hosting; and assess whether a change or escalation of services is necessary.
What guarantee does the work have?
However, it is important to clarify that failures in the maintenance and update processes of the applications, or changes in third parties can produce errors that would be considered foreign to our work, and in these cases we cannot respond freely for this. In this case, you should contact us and, after making an assessment, contract a maintenance plan or a specific time bag; so that we can solve the problem.
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