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Technical maintenance service for OpenCart Stores || From € 35 per month

Technical maintenance service for OpenCart Stores || From € 35 per month
Why is maintenance on an OpenCart site necessary?
OpenCart is a free code content manager oriented to ecommerce. And because of this, anyone has access to the source code of the application's core, and most of the extensions and templates, so if a vulnerability occurs, your page will be defenseless if the necessary updates are not applied and it could be provoke an unwanted attack or intrusion with consequences that can be fatal for the application and, consequently, for your company or organization. OpenCart also depends to a large extent on third-party applications, such as payment services, shipping gateways or others, which over time usually present changes that must be addressed and adapted in the OpenCart store.
Does this service include changes to my web page, based on OpenCart?
Yes. Although this maintenance service is only oriented to the maintenance of the application, it may include content management services, design, layout or programming of new functionalities. Contact us for more information.
Do you update all templates and extensions; even when they are premium or payment license extensions or templates?
To update the template and extensions in its most recent versions, it is necessary that you have the corresponding use licenses and access to the updated files. If you use a payment template or plugin, without a license, it will be necessary to manage the purchase of it.
Do you make a backup or backup of my website?
Yes. We make backup copies before and after each intervention. If instead, you want to make periodic backups, by security procedures, we can take care of it. For more information, contact us.
How often do they perform a cycle of updates or maintenance?
We check on a weekly basis. However, updates will be made at our discretion. This is so given that, in the updates of the OpenCart core and some extensions, it is recommended to wait a reasonable time from when the update is available until it is installed, to verify beforehand that there are no problems or problems with other components of the application.
How many websites does the OpenCart maintenance service cover?
Each service contracted only covers 1 domain - 1 website. If you have several websites based on OpenCart and you want maintenance for each of them, you should hire a maintenance service for each of them. If you are an agency and want to contract the service for several stores at the same time and offer this service to your customers, contact us to discuss the details and give you the best possible solution.
Can I only register for one month?
Yes, you can use this service only once. However, you should know that we recommend running at least one maintenance cycle at least once a month, to verify the stability of the application.
Does the server or hosting I am using for my website have any relevance, so that they can provide OpenCart maintenance service?
Hosting is one of the most important things for the web itself. We do not recommend low-cost hostings but we can work with them. Even so, if you need help with your hosting, we can offer you the service in our servers based on Amazon Web Services, even give you service for migrate the website, emails and data that you can have in your current hosting.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We make a direct debit of the periodic payments through Paypal where you can use your Paypal account, or your debit or credit card. If instead the payment is on time, we can offer to pay by debit or credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer.
Do you send any kind of report on each update or maintenance intervention that you carry out?
Yes. We will keep you updated on what's happening on your website, the changes we make and all the incidents that we have registered through email, and also through our ticket system, where you can check the history of the tasks performed on your OpenCart website.
My site is designed in another popular Ecommerce. Is this maintenance service only for websites made in OpenCart?
Yes, this service is only for websites made in OpenCart. The fact of specializing in OpenCart allows us to be specialists and reduce our costs to offer you the reduced prices we have.
Do you offer hosting service or servers optimized for OpenCart?
We have our own servers based on the architecture of Amazon Web Services, the best server and cloud solutions company you can find in the market. Normally we use them for clients who develop their web or store with us but if you need hosting, we can also provide it to you. For more information, contact us .
Does the service have any permanence policy? Can I unsubscribe at any time?
There is no permanence policy in the maintenance service of OpenCart pages. If you consider that our service is not suitable for your website or for your business, and you have contracted the service in a recurring plan, you can cancel the service whenever you want.
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We have designed a technical maintenance service for websites based on OpenCart so that you no longer have to worry about unexpected problems. We take care of OpenCart core updates, templates updates, and extensions updates, periodically, and based on a methodology that guarantees the stability and security of the application. Our experience and familiarity with OpenCart, allows us not only to make periodic updates, but to correct minor incidents before they can become a bigger problem, saving time and resources to our clients. In addition, our proactive approach, geared towards personalized attention to each of our clients, will allow us to suggest content optimization tasks that result in positioning, performance and SEO improvements to obtain a return on investment in the medium term.

We have solid knowledge and experience in OpenCart, and we work according to the development guidelines that allow to keep the application stable and scalable, we also have solid knowledge in programming and web development, administration of servers and domains, user experience, SEO, Analytics, and a work attitude oriented to attend the small details to achieve a great product.

  • 35.00€

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