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Non Disclosure Agreement

By subscribing this document, the parties formally and in writing set out the terms and conditions under which they will maintain the confidentiality of the information provided and created between them for the purpose of developing an employment relationship, from now on identified as THE PROJECT , and they declare:

  1. Recognize itself in sufficient legal capacity to subscribe to this document.
  2. They want to start an employment relationship and mutual collaboration.
  3. During the aforementioned employment relationship, the parties will exchange or create information that are interested in regulating their confidentiality and secrecy through the considerations indicated in this document.

For the purposes of this agreement, all information that may be disclosed in writing, in word or by any other means or support, tangible or intangible, exchanged as a result of THE PROJECT will be considered confidential.

This agreement will have an indefinite duration, counted from the moment of its signature, and may be canceled if the parties so agree in writing.

Upon the natural termination of the relationship or any of its extensions, if any, each of the parties must return to the other all the information remitted among themselves, committing to the destruction of any copy thereof, independently of the medium or format in which it is stored.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous paragraph, each party undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information and the material exchanged between them, for a minimum period of one year, counted from the end of this agreement or any your extensions, if any.

In addition to those set forth in the preceding clauses, the parties agree to:

  • Use this information in a reserved manner.
  • Not to disclose or communicate the technical information provided by the other party.
  • Prevent the copying or disclosure of that information to third parties, unless they have written or oral approval from the other party, and only in terms of such approval.
  • Restrict access to information by its employees and subcontractors, unless reasonably necessary for the fulfillment of their tasks.
  • Not to use the information or fragments of it for purposes other than the execution of THE PROJECT.

The parties will be responsible for the improper use that their respective employees or subcontractors may make of the information provided by the other party, for the purpose of executing THE PROJECT.

The parties will maintain this confidentiality and will avoid disclosing the information to any person who is not employed or subcontracted, except that:

  • The receiving party has evidence that it previously knows the information received.
  • The information received is in the public domain.
  • The information received comes from a third party that does not require secrecy.

The ownership of the information provided by each of the parties is the exclusive property of the party that provides it.

The information that is provided does not entitle the party that receives it to the trademarks, copyrights or patents that belong to the person who provides it. The disclosure of information does not imply transfer or assignment of rights, unless some provision is expressly made in this regard.

The parties agree to comply with all the terms set out in this contract, and especially those related to confidentiality and secrecy.

Regardless of the responsibilities that may arise from the breach of this agreement, as well as any compensation for damages of any nature that could be established, the breach of these obligations will determine, at the option of the party that did not breach the content of the terms set out in this contract, to request the resolution thereof as well as the corresponding damages.

For the correct application of this agreement, both parties adhere to the principles of "Safe Harbor", in accordance with Commission Decision 2000/520 / EC of July 26, 2000. Such accession , only serves to be considered as a provider of Internet-related services, such as located in a country that offers an adequate level of protection, which allows personal data to be brought to the Internet, without the need to wait for the relevant authorization from external agencies , so they undertake to use and process the affected data according to the actions that are necessary for the correct provision of services regulated in this agreement, according to the instructions provided at all times.

Likewise, the parties assume the obligation to keep professional secrecy about how much information they can receive, manage and articulate in relation to personal data and not to communicate them to third parties, except for the aforementioned exceptions, as well as to destroy them, cancel them or return them in the moment of the termination of the contractual relationship between both parties, as well as to apply the necessary security measures.

The rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition may be exercised by writing to the addresses of the signatories of this document that appear in the heading.

The parties agree that this agreement is confidential and therefore its disclosure to third parties is prohibited.

This agreement can only be modified with the express consent of both parties, in a written document and duly signed by them.

The parties undertake to resolve amicably any disagreement that may arise in the development of this contract. In case of conflict, both parties agree to submit to the corresponding Courts in the Madrid area, waiving any other legal jurisdiction.