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Wordpress Installation Service

Wordpress Installation Service

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WordPress is an open source software that you can use to create fantastic websites, blogs or applications. WordPress is created and maintained by thousands of volunteers from the community, and there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your web into anything you can imagine. More than 60 million people have chosen WordPress, from small personal sites and blogs, to important personalities, companies and companies such as CNN, New York Times, Coca Cola, among others. This demonstrates the immense versatility that this administrative nucleus has and the trust that the community of users is willing to deposit in it.

From experience we know that for a certain type of users, installing Wordpress can be a process with a considerable learning curve, insofar as it requires basic knowledge about configuring a domain, database management, file management on the server , Among other operations.

With this service we will install the latest version of Wordpress, in the hosting or web hosting that you have contracted; Or if you prefer, we will provide you with web hosting and a domain reservation.

This service is ideal for people or companies that already or not having hired a hosting or web hosting, want to start in the management of Wordpress and start to configure your website and content, without relying on third parties.

  • 45.00€

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