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Cleaning and recovery service of a hacked Wordpress site.

If your Wordpress site has been hacked, we can help you.


¿Why has my Wordpress site been hacked?

There are different types of attacks and vulnerabilities and it is necessary a professional to diagnose the incidence.


Symptoms that suggest that your Wordpress site has been hacked.

The following are some common reasons to think that your Wordpress is infected or has been attacked.


Your hosting provider has sent you a warning email and has temporarily disabled your website.

It is common for hosting providers to run security programs on the server and detect if your website has been compromised. In these cases, they usually take some type of action, such as sending an email requesting the website to be attended, entering some files or even the entire application in quarantine.

Upon entering the website you are being redirected to pages with "strange" content.

It is common for hacked websites to redirect to websites in "strange" languages, such as Chinese or Russian, or to content not associated with your website such as pornography pages or the like. If this is your case, your website has been hacked and must be taken care of.

The appearance of your website has changed radically without anyone having done anything to make it happen.

These types of situations, although they may be due to reasons that do not correspond to security, such as an incorrectly updated, suggest that something is happening on your website. If this is your case, we recommend you contact us to evaluate what is happening.

Your website has stopped loading in a browser, shows a white screen or an error message.

Your website may no longer be accessible from a browser, and this may be due to different reasons, some of them unrelated to security, but others may involve an error in the server response caused by hacking the site code.

Visitors when they enter your website are alerted by Google that the website has malware or phishing.

If the browser is giving security alerts, without a doubt something is happening, it is common to find errors when processing the SSL certificate, and also that some files have been corrupted putting at risk the security of the computer that visits the website or application.

The performance of your application has declined and you think someone is using the resources of your server.

This case is very common today as servers are hacked silently, to be used in slave mode and inadvertent for other purposes, such as data or cryptocurrency mining and spamming. A considerable increase in the use of resources on the server is usually the indicator that something is happening.


Do you want help recovering your Wordpress site as soon as possible?

We offer an urgent service for Wordpress hacked.



If you need help you can contact us by mail or phone. We will ask you, along with the proper presentation and approval of a confidentiality contract, temporary access to your website and servers and we will ask you some questions that will allow us to assess the situation and know what has happened.


Having access to your server and website we can make a diagnosis of the situation and estimate the time to solve the incident and restore your website. In order to move forward with the intervention, we will send you an invoice with 100% money back guarantee, if we do not correct the error.


Once you have made the payment, we have free way to intervene, take backups of the information, make arrangements with your server company, correct errors, restore your infected wordpress website, and take all measures so that it does not come back the same situation.


During the following days, we will be monitoring the activity of the application, to ensure that the incident has been resolved and taking the necessary measures to increase security if necessary. Our guarantee covers 45 days free of incidents after our intervention.


Correcting the incidence is as important as knowing what has happened to prevent this situation from occurring in the future. Therefore, our intervention includes a report on the incidence and explanations and analysis of the information that may have been exposed as a result of the incident.


Finally we will give you a series of recommendations about the management of Wordpress sites, to prevent them from being hacked and prevent attacks and security vulnerabilities in the application. This could include a technical maintenance plan and training for the personnel in charge of the application.

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