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Services Packaged

Although in the design and development of web applications, each project is usually unique, adapting in this way to the digital identity of the company, to the rules of a specific business sector, to the needs of information flow of the company, etc., we have made an effort to group and standardize some tasks and pack them as a "Pre-Defined Services".

Likewise, each of the services listed below can be a first step for your business (such as installing a website based in Wordpress or OpenCart) and your online presence, or addressing a need that we consider are common, and for which we present an accessible solution and quick approach (such as updating OpenCart sites or Wordpress, or installing extensions and plugins).

We aspire to offer services with a fast approach, covering your needs, as well as we invite you to consider these proposals as starting points in a long term business relationship.

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Design and development for ecommerce website

We offer you our design and development service for online stores or ecommerce websites. We provide advice and service in the design of your online store and in the development of it, while we manage solutions with everything that surrounds the business model and that can have a critical importance, such as logistics, information flows, presence in multi-channel sales, shipping gateways, payment m..


Design and development for websites

We are a web design and development agency located in Madrid, and we offer web design and development 360º solutions, from the design of the corporate digital identity, administration and management of domains, hosting solutions or web hosting, development of websites based on Wordpress. We also offer services in digital marketing, SEO positioning and more. You just have to contact us and we are s..


OpenCart Installation Service

OpenCart is an open source CMS oriented to E-Commerce. OpenCart provides a professional and reliable foundation from which to build an online store that can accommodate any type of user, from experienced web developers looking for a user interface, to novice store owners who venture into launching their business online for the first time. From experience we know that for certain types of users, i..


Opencart Maintenance Service

or all cases in which it is necessary to hire a programmer, just for a few hours, perhaps to resolve a specific incident, or perhaps for a list of small tasks, adjustments or changes that can not be grouped as a project, we offer our < strong> service of maintenance for applications based on OpenCart CMS. This is a hour based service. You can hire a bag of hours through the following form an..


Wordpress Installation Service

WordPress is an open source software that you can use to create fantastic websites, blogs or applications. WordPress is created and maintained by thousands of volunteers from the community, and there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your web into anything you can imagine. More than 60 million people have chosen WordPress, from small personal sites and blogs, to important ..


OpenCart Extension Installation Service

Installing an OpenCart extension may sometimes require technical knowledge and skills, while there are considerations that an administrator must take into account, such as:Installation procedures may vary depending on the format of the extension (VqMod Modules, OCMod Modules). The guidelines in the development of extensions of OpenCart vary depending on the version; Which necessitates the c..


OpenCart Core Update Service

Upgrade your OpenCart website is a recommended practice, to enjoy the latest features and to correct any bugs that have been corrected in later versions.Unfortunately upgrade OpenCart requires knowledge and technical skills while updating procedures can be somewhat complicated.We offer a professional OpenCart update service, with the responsibility and certainty that we know what we do, and we gua..