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Diagnosis and analysis.

We offer a complete analysis of the current status of your website, in terms of search engine rankings for important keywords of your audience, labeling and content analysis, indexing status, tagged , content ratio, analsis of 404 errors and 500 errors, redirections and other aspects.

Analysis of the competition.

We make comparisons of the strategies used by the competition and market leaders in your sector, to determine what aspects may be susceptible to improvements in your website, and thus optimize the web to achieve represent an alternative to the end users.

Text optimization.

To position your website it is very important to know your audience or target audience and know what information they are looking for to contact a company or organization like yours. Therefore, we can make audits of content and semantic to the texts you have on your website and optimize them to reach a target audience in a specific way.

Tagging optimization.

Search engines are the means to analyze the labeling of your website and make assessments about the importance of the information presented according to its labeling. Fixes in this topic, usually have a very positive direct impact in any web application.

Optimization of load times and performance.

The loading times of a website is one of the main factors of positioning in search engines and optimizing drastically reduces the bounce rate of your users. We have a wide range of solutions to improve these indicators on your website and have a better performance.

Monitoring and statistics.

Our interventions are translated in the short, medium and long term into changes in the data that we can obtain in the analytics engines and statistics of your website. Our services in SEO always include the monitoring of the traffic of your site, of the behavior of the users and suppose for our clients our best letter of presentation and professionalism, when demonstrating that we obtain results that are translated in returns of the investment.

Link Positioning.

Whether on social networks, or on websites and blogs of third parties with a good reputation, a robust link building strategy can be what your business or company needs to obtain a better positioning .

Personalized attention.

We focus on presenting personalized attention to our clients, We will be aware of the characteristics of your application to offer solutions at all times and to allow the best possible positioning.


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