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Diagnosis and analysis.

We offer a complete analysis of the current status of your website, in terms of search engine rankings for important keywords of your audience, labeling and content analysis, indexing status, tagged , content ratio, analsis of 404 errors and 500 errors, redirections and other aspects.

Analysis of the competition.

We make comparisons of the strategies used by the competition and market leaders in your sector, to determine what aspects may be susceptible to improvements in your website, and thus optimize the web to achieve represent an alternative to the end users.

Text optimization.

To position your website it is very important to know your audience or target audience and know what information they are looking for to contact a company or organization like yours. Therefore, we can make audits of content and semantic to the texts you have on your website and optimize them to reach a target audience in a specific way.

Tagging optimization.

Search engines are the means to analyze the labeling of your website and make assessments about the importance of the information presented according to its labeling. Fixes in this topic, usually have a very positive direct impact in any web application.

Optimization of load times and performance.

The loading times of a website is one of the main factors of positioning in search engines and optimizing drastically reduces the bounce rate of your users. We have a wide range of solutions to improve these indicators on your website and have a better performance.

Monitoring and statistics.

Our interventions are translated in the short, medium and long term into changes in the data that we can obtain in the analytics engines and statistics of your website. Our services in SEO always include the monitoring of the traffic of your site, of the behavior of the users and suppose for our clients our best letter of presentation and professionalism, when demonstrating that we obtain results that are translated in returns of the investment.

Link Positioning.

Whether on social networks, or on websites and blogs of third parties with a good reputation, a robust link building strategy can be what your business or company needs to obtain a better positioning .

Keyword research.

We establish which are the keywords that attract your target audience, and which are the most used by your competition and with them we establish strategies aimed at increasing the number of visits and conversions.


Plans and rates in SEO services for Wordpress and OpenCart.



  • SEO hours monthly dedication 2
  • Additional hour discount
  • Global SEO scaling strategy
  • Global backlink strategy 3
  • Keyword research and search volume
  • Periodic SEO audit to verify baseline and impact of interventions
  • Indexing status and inappropriate titles or meta-tags
  • Location of heavy images and compression to optimize loading
  • Location and solution to code errors
  • Indexing status check on Google, Bing and Yahoo
Bronze 350

per month1

  • 10 hours
  • 5%
Gold 1050

per month1

  • 30 hours
  • 15%
  • 1. These rates only apply for annual payments.
  • 2. We distribute the tasks over time to maximize positioning
  • 3. We formalize the strategy, but the cost of the links must be determined in the work process
Why is your SEO service so expensive, when others offer the same for less?
As the saying goes, if you think an expert is expensive, wait to see what an amateur will cost you. We invite you to hire the service of third parties if they have a better price and if it gives you results, otherwise, you only have the best price and no results. We offer results to our clients because we guarantee strategies in the short, medium and long term, and that is why our SEO services must be hired annually. Only over a year and with dedication is it possible to achieve significant results.
Does this service include changes to my website, based on WordPress or OpenCart?
Yes. This service includes the implementation of changes at all levels on your Wordpress or OpenCart website. It is likely that for your website we have to perform analysis, changes in the content structure, content development, programming changes, optimization of the performance of your page, training your employees, and much more. During the process we will be receptive to your requests, but you will have to leave us a margin of confidence to act with the solutions that we are going to propose, and it is also possible that the plan requires time, dedication and work by the company that has hired the service.
Do you make a backup or copy of my website before each intervention?
Yes. We make backup copies before and after each intervention. We work with safe development methodologies. Your site and the integrity of your data will always be safe.
How often do you apply changes and interventions in my website?
Depending on the plan contracted, but most likely we are doing some intervention weekly.
How many websites does the SEO positioning service cover?
The plans offered apply only to a website or domain.
Can I sign up for only one month?
No, this service must be contracted for annual periods, otherwise we do not guarantee results, and consequently we do not assume the work.
Does the server or hosting I am using for my website have any relevance?
Yes, the server you are using for the performance of the website and its positioning is very important. If the initial audit results in your server having difficulty managing traffic, and maintaining above-average performance, we will indicate that you must change servers to another architecture or provider. We will handle the migration without additional costs, but the costs of the new architecture must be covered by the company that has contracted the SEO service.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We make a direct debit of the periodic payments through Paypal where you can use your Paypal account, or your debit or credit card. If instead the payment is punctual, we can offer you to pay by debit or credit card, paypal, or bank transfer.
Do you send any type of report in each update or web positioning intervention you make?
Yes. We will keep you updated on what happens on your website, the changes we make and all the incidents we have registered through email, and also through our ticket system, where you can check the history of the Tasks executed on your website.
My site is designed in another popular CMS other than Wordpress and OpenCart. Offer this web positioning service for other CMSs or custom applications?
No, this service is only for websites made in WordPress and OpenCart. The fact of specializing in WordPress and OpenCart allows us to be specialists and reduce our costs in order to offer you the reduced prices we have.
Do you offer optimized hosting or server service for Wordpress or OpenCart?
We have our own servers based on the architecture of Amazon Web Services, the best server and cloud solutions company that you can find in the market. Normally we use them for customers who develop their website or application with us, but if you need hosting, we can also provide it. You can have more information by clicking here.
Does the service have any permanence policy? Can I unsubscribe at any time?
There is no permanence policy in the web positioning service of Wordpress and OpenCart pages. If you consider that our service is not suitable for your website or for your online business, and you have hired the service in a recurring plan, you can unsubscribe the service whenever you want.
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